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Jun 13 '12

Search and Discover some great content!

This month we’ve been working hard on upgrading the user’s experience on TWB. We are happy to announce a couple more items we’ve rolled out. If you haven’t noticed, there is now a search bar on the top right of the page and we’ve also added an About page.

The search will scan the titles and descriptions of the 35,000+ posts we have on the site and display the results for you in order of number of blends. We are going to continue to tweak and fine-tune the search, so if you notice anything we can improve on please let us know.

The About page gives a rundown of “what you can do here” and “what makes us awesome”. You’ll also notice that we’ve featured some of the more popular websites that are using our Blend button. If you’ve added our button to your website, just let us know and you may be the next site to be featured on our About page.

That’s it for our updates of the month! Thanks again for contributing and for your support.

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