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May 14 '12

Filtering and Infinite Scrolling

First of all, happy belated Mother’s day to all of our members and subscribers who are Moms - we hope you had a wonderful day!

Before we get into our new upgrades of the month, we are happy to announce that our “Keep me logged in” check box on the sign in page is fixed. It seems like a little issue but was annoying to have to log in everytime you visited us!

Our first upgrade to announce is our addition of infinite scrolling on every page. Now you’ll notice a block below the posts and above the footer that reads “Show me more”. Click this to load the next 10 posts. To go along with this release, we added an arrow to the bottom left corner of the page that will scroll you all the way back to the top of the page so click “Show me more” as much as you’d like!

Over the last couple of weeks we had thought about a better filtering system for our content. The old system would only allow you to sort by different post types, but the new filtering is way improved and we just rolled it out early this morning!

Here’s how it works. You can now sort content by what’s popular and what’s upcoming. The content on the popular tab is everything with 5 or more votes. While on the popular tab, you can sort by any type of content (All, Links, Images and Questions) along with a filter for time to show the most recent, content posted today, this week, this month, this year and all time.

On the upcoming tab, you can filter by content type and you can also filter by what’s newest, oldest, most popular and least popular. This will make it easy for you to promote good content to the front page.

That’s it for our upgrades of the month! You can see the new filtering on the home page, all of the category pages and on your own profile page. Thanks again for your contributions and let us know what you think!

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Apr 27 '12

One month of the new Web Blend!

It’s been a full month since The Web Blend has re-launched riding the Rails with it’s new design, and we continue to make improvements and add features. We’re happy to announce that our API is now live! If you’d like to use it to create something cool, then contact us to get an API key and you’ll be on your way.

Another highlight for this month is the addition of a new Question post type. Ask a question straight up or attach a design and get some feedback. It’s just one of many new content types we’ll be introducing in the next few months. Speaking of things coming down the pipe, we’re also wrapping up work on a content search feature and a more effective filtering mechanism on the main page and on the users profile. Stay tuned!

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