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Apr 10 '12

New Updates

We just re-launched a little less than a month ago and we already have some new improvements that we’d like to share with you. Our main goal with this relaunch is to turn TheWebBlend into a more personal community for designers and developers.

Here are some new upgrades we’ve made:

- If you’re a new user and skip uploading a profile image, we will use your Gravatar image. If you don’t have one, we’ll assign one of our flashy default avatars.
- New users will also have to verify their email address. This will dramatically reduce the amount of fake/spam users and give us much better content.
- When you comment on any posts, the author will be emailed with your comment. You can turn this off by logging into your notification settings.
- Not sure if you noticed some of our buttons weren’t working, but if you use The Shareaholic plugin, AddThis or any TWB images on your blog posts, they’re now working properly.
- Last but not least, we’re working on releasing our own API so stay tuned!

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